Realistic colour portrait


We try to make the portraits an exact replica of the original picture.

uses : best for occasional/casual gift, home décor

Material used: Prismacolor, Polychrome & mix media on 350 gsm high quality drawing paper


Realistic colour  portrait
100% handmade Custom  Pencil Drawing by the artists at Fliparts with provisions for unlimited revisions. We focus on making even the tiniest of the detail visible and making your artwork truly rare.


Colour pencil art
Colour pencil art is all about just giving a precious & memorable gift for your family members, relatives, or your friends.

Our artist’s team with years of experience- will give the best suitable background based on the cloth colour, skin tone, and ambiance.

Highly recommended for you if you are looking for the following results. We try to make the portraits an exact replica of the original picture.

We add extra details and customize your portrait according to your wish. Pick up elements from different pictures and let our artists mix them up to make a beautiful masterpiece.

Finishing product:

Rolled: Your portrait painted on a canvas by our artists. You can use the canvas to decorate your walls or even preserve it framing later. We take extra care that the canvas is accident-proof and can be preserved for a long time.

Wooden Frame: Your art piece securely bound in a wooden frame and ready to decorate your walls. Easily select the frame that fits your size and we’ll take care of the rest. Increase the longevity of your portrait by getting it framed. Charges may vary based on your selection of the frame and size.

Important notes- quality of sketch mainly depends upon clarity of your image. some of cases quality of sketch mainly depend upon how clear face is visible. so while uploading image please chose  such image which have :

  1. Closeup view.
  2. high quality.
  3. face should clearly visible .
  4. No filter used.

6*8 inch, 8*12 inch, 10*14 inch, 12*16 inch, 16*22 inch


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