Tealight candles with refill


Product name:- Tealight candle with refill
Hight – 1.7cm, Diameter:-;4cm. Each Burning time: 2-4 hours,
A perfect gift for making your candlelight dinner memorable. It can also be useful for decorating.


Candles are often used to symbolize light shining in the darkness that often accompanies life, and it is easy to see why Lighting a candle can instantly change the mood of a room.
Bubble Candles, Perfect for gifting to your loved one, office employees & relatives on verious celebration.
Hight – 1.7cm, Diameter:-;4cm
Material:- 100% pure paraffin,
Net Wt: 15 gm. Each Burning time: 2-4 hours, Volume may be vary due to handmade design.
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For best results:-
1):- Gently keep it in water then burn. You can also use it on surface.
2):- Never burn longer than 2-hour intervals.
3):- Remember to trim your wick before relighting your candle.
4):- Always burn
within sight and extinguish before leaving room.
5):-the idealsize for a trimmed wick is 1/4 on an inch, that allows you to have a steady, even flame.
6):- Eco friendly- The wax used in Wax & Oils candles is produced from the oil in a manner that is mindful of our environment. It is
biodegradable. Our candleas are less toxic when compared to other wax.,Calms the nerves and relieves anxiety experience the cozy comfort and soothing ambiance anywhere in your home.
7):- Don’t burn near things that catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Don’t extinguish with water. Always let wax harden before relighting,touching, or moving.

Pack of

10(+10 refill), 20 (+20 refill), 50(+50 refill)


Multicolour, Golden yellow, Fluorescent pink, Fluorescent green, Tomato red, Chocolate brown, Orange, Blue


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